Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of the Alphabet by Fleur Beale

This is book is about a girl called Ruby. She is a 14 year old who lives with her mum, stepdad, brother and two little stepbrothers. Unfortunately Ruby feels like a doormat, always being used by her family - she has to help out with babysitting, cooking, cleaning etc while her brother doesn't all because he wins lots of prizes at school and she has a learning difficulty. Ruby feels this is unfair but can never speak her mind in case she hurts her mothers feelings.

What i liked about this book was that once you started reading it you wanted to finish it without putting it down. Her character was a really friendly person, and it was enjoyable to read about her finding confidence in herself, and using what she was good at (fashion design) to help her in the future.

Even though she misses out on a trip to Brazil, which she really wanted to go to, she still has it in mind for her future, and proves that nothing can stop her even though she isn't the 'smartest' in school.

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  1. Sounds like a book with some good positive messages, Simran. I like the way you've responded to this text's themes. Fleur Beale has written heaps of books and a lot of them are in our school library. Junis of Taro seems to be a popular one but I haven't read it myself. Maybe you would like to read it and review it for us? (I think there is a sequel to it too so if you like it you will have something else to read!!)