Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blade by Tim Bowler

A fast-paced suspense story! I have found another book that is a page turner and is exciting to read! This book was short but it is a part of a four book series. At first I disliked the main character because of his attitude and his lifestyle but as you read on you will find out more about Blade and how he had to live on the streets alone as a teenager. He is very tough and resourceful which helps him get through challenges and get away from gangs chasing after him. Short to the point sentences helps with the quick speed of the story telling. The story is colloquial and is told through Blade talking to you(he calls you Big-Eyes) as if you were there beside him which i thought was very unique and interesting. As the story progresses he will come accross one of the gang members and her child and he takes them along with them even though he prefers being alone. This helps me understand his personality more as I see his lighter and more caring side of his personality. I would recommend this to teens but not children as Balde is sometimes rude and they might learn from him. I would rate this book a 8 out of ten and I am looking forward to reading the next book to the series. :)

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  1. A good review! I'm glad you enjoyed this book. I like the way you have concentrated on saying why you liked it, rather than just "telling the story". I hope you will read the others in the series and review them for us as well.